Oscar came from a man by the name of Bob Barmby, of Lockford, Ca. Bob took many of
his bulls, including Oscar, for training at Oscar Heard's place in Turlock, Ca. When the
bulls were good enough Bob would take them to rodeos.  Oscar was named after Oscar
Heard. According to Jack Roddy and Jeff Barmby, Oscar's sire was a great bull named
Wirley Gig that Bob used to haul.

Oscar was rarely rode. He went unridden for the first 5 years of his bucking career in the
PRCA.  The first man to ride the unridable bull was a man from Idaho named John Davis.  
He covered Oscar at the California Rodeo in Salinas, in July 1975.  However, the most
memorable time, according to the former bullfighter now announcer Ted Dwyer, was at
the Grand  National Rodeo, when Donnie Gay rode Oscar for 97 points in 1977. Oscar was
then rode at the Oakdale, Ca. rodeo by Allen Jordan in 1978 for 96 points.  Oscar was a
great bull, but was no recognized from the rodeo world until the challenge between
Oscar and Elias Arriolla, a charro from Mexico.  This event was captured in the
documentary "The Great American Cowboy."  Elias was allowed two hands and only had
to ride 5 seconds. However, he met the fate of many others and fell short of the whistle.
He lasted less than 2 seconds.
Oscar has been ridden only eight times  out of three hundred outs. One of Oscar's sons
Oscar II, aka Oscar's Velvet sold for $10,000 to Christensen Brothers Rodeo Co. Oscar's
Velvet was the PRCA Bucking Bull of the Year in 1983. He is the sire of many great bulls.
His last years were happily spent in a pasture with plenty of feed and cows on Alex
Naccarato's ranch. Oscar's Velvet passed in 1992 and he rests in peace on Alex's ranch.